Friday, October 15, 2010

Nn Bilberry Eyebright Plus

Alleviates Eye Fatigue,
Promotes Clear, Healthy Vision

30 vegetable-based capsules
RM48.00/ RM49.00E

Struggling to read fine print on newspapers?
Afraid you're at risk of developing cloudy vision or cataracts?
Facing difficulty driving at night, especially when it rains?
Suffering from dry eyes due to frequent computer use?
Suffering from red, watery, smarting eyes?
Can't enjoy your favourite TV programmes due to tired, strained eyes?
Can't get rid of dark under eye circles and puffiness?
Eyes are extra sensitive to bright light?
Significantly enhances adjustability to glare as well as darkness
Strengthens the capillaries that feed eye muscles and nerves, and improves microcirculation to eyes
Improves the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to eyes
Inhibits histamine and inflammatory prostaglandins to alleviate eye redness and sensitivity
Proven to help diabetic retinopathy, cataract, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and night blindness
The effectiveness of Bilberry is astounding!
In one study, Bilberry increased levels of rhodopsin, a pigment crucial for night vision, in as little as 20 minutes! Another study reported that Bilberry successfully halted the progression of cataracts in 97% cases!

A popular remedy for tired, inflamed or watery eyes
Often referred to as a source of "precious water to clear a man's sight"
Strengthens the nerves, optic devices and tissues in the eyes for improved vision

Lutein & Zeaxanthin (Marigold Flowers)
Protects eyes from UV rays and blue light
Reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness
Found mainly in dark green leafy vegetables, such as collard green and spinach, but one would need to take at least 5 servings of these vegetables daily to enjoy its vision-protecting properties
Grape Seed (OPC)
Potent antioxidant - 20x stronger than Vitamin C and 50x more powerful than Vitamin E
Also enhances the effectiveness of other antioxidants in the body

Wolfberry Fruit (Fructus Lycii)
Strong anti-fatigue properties to alleviate tired eyes
Cassia Seed, Chrysanthemum Flower & Pale Butterflybush Flowers
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, most ailments affecting the eyes stem from an unhealthy liver, and the key to good vision is a healthy liver
Help detoxify, strengthen and nourish the liver
Quench "liver heat" that causes eye redness and teary eyes

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bio Q10

(30 vegetarian capsules)
Price: RM68.00/ RM69.00 E

Liquid-filled capsules
New liquid-filled capsule technology protects and preserves CoQ10's efficacy better than softgels. Suitable for vegetarian too!

Losing that ummphh as you age? Don't have the energy you used to have? Often wake up feeling tired even after a "good" sleep? Having trouble staying awake during long meetings? Does your skin look pigmented, sagged and wrinkled?
Now you can reclaim your energy and youth with CoQ10!
Stronger & Healthier Heart
Studies have found that heart disease patients suffer from low CoQ10, and that supplementing with CoQ10 can improve energy in the heart muscles and stabilise the heart membranes and electrical conduction system to reduce palpitations.

Boundless Energy
CoQ10 provides your body with all the energy it needs to rebuild and repair, remove cellular waste and toxins, and defend itself from bacterial and viral infections. A strong heart delivers abundant oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body so that you do not feel tired and run down.

Healthier Blood Pressure
CoQ10 ensures flexible blood vessels for healthier blood pressure.

Healthier Cholesterol
CoQ10 prevents the oxidation of the LDL "bad" cholesterol so it is less likely to stick to and clog up the blood vessels.

Powered Up Mental Energy
CoQ10 alleviates mental tiredness by providing your brain cells the energy they need to keep you more alert and clear-headed.

Stronger Body Defences
CoQ10 powers up your immune cells, making them more energetic and better able to ward off disease.

Radiant, Younger-Looking Complexion
CoQ10 fights the free radicals that causes skin breakouts, skin problems, wrinkles, skin sagging and pigmentation.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VIP (Consumer)

A VIP will definitely benefit from a lot of discounts and promotions. You can check out from the catalog or monthly promotion booklets.

All it takes is just a yearly registration fee of RM30.

The benefits are as follows:
1. Sales Kit + Member's card

2. Free 20 RP (Redemption Point)

3. Every month promotion catalog

4. Discount and promotions

5. Redemption Coupon

6. Can apply AMBank Credit Card
-> min RM1500 monthly salary for gold card
-> min RM2500 monthly salary for platinum card

7. Can apply U-Mobile (018)
-> 018 to 018

8. Website (
(Auction) - using RP convert to CVP

Monday, October 11, 2010

Business Owner (B.O) benefits

There are many benefits of becoming a Cosway BO. Below are the summary:
To be a BO, you will only need to register for RM100 for first time. Subsequent renewal is RM50 per year.

Upon registration, you are entitled for the following:
1. Starter Kit (B.O folder)

2. Free 20 RP (Redemption Point)

3. Discount & Promotion - refer to catalog and month promotion

4. Every monthly product catalog

5. Redemption Coupon (RC) - *only in a single receipt
-> when you spent RM30, you will get (1 RC) on the spot
-> when you spent RM60, you will get (2 RC) on the spot
-> when you spent RM90, you will get (3 RC) on the spot
-> when you spent RM150, you will get (5 RC) on the spot + 8RC extra sent to you at the end of month
-> subsequent RM100, 4 RC extra sent to you at the end of month

When you spent RM350 in a single receipt, you will get (7RC) on the spot, AND

RM350 = RM150 + RM100 + RM100
= (5 RC+8RC) + 4RC + 4RC
= (21RC) sent to you at the end of the month.

6. Ambank credit card dealer
* Gold card - min RM1500/month salary
* Platinum card - min RM2500/month salary
For every card introduced, RM50 incentive

7. U-mobile dealer (018)
-New line registered : RM60 (<10>10 lines)
-Switch over from other telco: RM90 (<10>10 lines)

8. B.O.S.S System (
- Online personal account to track your branch performance.
- Log in to the system to check all your downlines performance.
- Order products online and earn points.

When you purchased EV sets, you are entitled for the following:
9. Earn 4 types of incomes
- RP (Retail Profit)
- BO (Branch override)
- BPI (Branch Performance Income)
- EI (Extra Incentive)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chlorella - for daily detox & cellular rejuvenation

We are only as healthy as the 60 over trillion cells in our body. We become sickly and tired when our cells are poisoned, polluted or undernourished. We grow old when our cells grow old. So, keeping our cells CLEAN, HEALTHY and YOUNG is cardinal if we want to be healthy, energetic and stay younger longer.

Chlorella is Mother Nature's miracle food for cells. It keeps them:
Clean - Chlorella does an amazing job at keeping cells clean and in perfect pH balance. Rich in chlorophyll, it helps to increase the oxygen holding capacity of red blood cells in our body, and eliminate parasites and disease-causing microorganisms that strive in a low oxygen environment. Another important feature is its unique cell wall fibre that traps poisonous heavy metals including mercury and cadmium, and flushes them out of the body.
Healthy - Chlorella is a storehouse of nutrients, including natural and organic vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutrients and live enzymes to nourish our cells for great health and robust energy.
Young - Chlorella is high in nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) and Chlorella Growth Factors (CGF) that accelerate cell repair and rejuvenation. This revives ageing cells, turning them back into young, useful cells. When our cells are younger, we look and feel younger!

The all-new Yaeyama Chlorella is now tableted in Japan - under stringent Japanese Quality Control! Made from fresh, superior quality chlorella, free of herbicides and pesticides from world-renowned chlorella manufacturer, Yaeyama Shokusan Co. Ltd. Japan with over 40 years of experience.

Cultivated and processed using proprietary patented technology to ensure the HIGHEST nutrient content, including RNA, DNA and CGF and organic vitamin concentration and chlorophyll. Proprietary processing method cracks the rigid cell walls to ensure HIGHEST digestibility and availability of the nutrients.

Testimony1 - No.1 detoxification agent. It helps indigestion, constipation and breakout

Nn Certified Organic Spirulina

Manufactured by Parry Nutraceuticals Ltd, India. Specialised in cultivation of spirulina cultivation. The only awarded USP Grade.

100% no filler, binders or chemical additives for greater absorption and nutrient assimilation.

Spirulina's All-Around Health Benefits
Strengthens the immune system Maintains cardiovascular health & lowers cholesterol
Improves gastrointestinal & digestive health Protects against anaemia
Helps weight control Promotes healthy, vibrant skin Enhances natural cleansing & detoxification

Testimony1 - Helps to conceive. Even after pregnant should continue to eat to keep baby's skin beautiful and development of the brain.

"Bagi mereka yg bermasalah untuk mendapatkan anak...cuba try test spirulina dari cosway (pil)...Insyallah berjaya..Ini terbukti kpd kawan saya yg 8 thn berusaha...selama 6 bulan dia makan spirulina..sekarang dah mengandung 4 bulan......kwn saya dpt nasihat dr kawannya yg ada masalah yg sama.....CUBALAH.....tak salah mencuba"

"pengambilan spirulina semasa mengandung dan selepas melahirkan bukan sahaja dpt mengelakkan bayi dari jaundice, menjadikan kulit bayi cantik dan bersih...ia juga baik utk perkembangan otak dan tumbesaran bayi."

Another testimonial from this site.

Testimony2 - Much cheaper compared to other brands in the market.

"I agree with u. Last time when I went to Elken's meeting, they told me that their Spirulina is No.1 or the best in the world. When Elken's distributor is asked why their product is expensive compared to other brands, they will usually say that their product has higher quality compared to others, that's why it's more expensive. In other words, high quality=high price; low quality=low price. I believed them and had been consuming Elken Spirulina for months until I found out that Cosway's Spirulina is as high in quality as Elken's Spirulina and the price is much cheaper, even cheaper than other brands sold in pharmacy."

"You'll see that the price for 300 tablets is US$18.60 (RM 65.10) and free delivery if u live in Malaysia, much cheaper than Elken Spirulina 250 tablets (RM 86.10)."